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Warewash & Kitchen Maintenance

Commercial Dishwashers, Detergents, Rinse Aids, Sanitizers

From Detergents, Rinse Aids and Sanitizers to Low and High Temperature Dishwashing Machines, SAM has you covered.

Lower energy bills, slash cleaning supply costs, increase efficiency, allow your kitchen to operate at top performance.

Now you have options

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Grease Trap Maintenance & Supply

Grease Traps are known for their foul smell and the various problems they can cause. Find out how Bio-Safe helps eliminate and control odour while it accelerates the degradation of organic wastes in Drain and Sewer Line Applications.

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Dispenser Installation & Supply

Installation and Supply of Automatic Urinal Dispensers, as well as metered and non-metered dispensers strategically located in the right places and the right frequency.

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Dilution Control & Proportioning

The most innovative, simple to use and versatile dilution control systems. Precise measurements eliminating errors while maximizing the effectiveness of products.

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