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Grease Trap Maintenance and Supply in Kingston & Area.
SAM's grease trap maintenance division, specializes
in eliminating grease trap odour, reducing your pumping costs,
and minimizing risks associated with drain clogging.

Grease Trap Maintenance with BioSafe

In this short video you will get a glimpse of our Grease Trap Maintenance service with Bio-Safe. Grease Traps that have been skimmed less or more than others and Grease Traps that no longer carry the foul smell they used to exude prior to Bio-Safe.

Bio-Safe is not a deodorizer that you just put in the Grease Trap to mask that awful odour. It is a custom formula designed by Sam Chemical Specialties to fight and prevent..

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Maintenance & Treatment Packages

Not all Grease Trap services are created equal. Some facilities have more than one Grease Tap (some are used more than others). Furthermore, not all Grease Trap Treatment Products are created equal either. At Sam Chemical Specialties we like to think that we are pioneers in the Grease Trap Maintenance & Treatment Industry.

As such we have several programs and incentives to both earn your business and retain it as well. A qualified technician will visit your establishment to assess the status of your grease trap and make recommendations. This complimentary, no-obligation, assessment is our way to say 'thank you' for inviting us to your facility.

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Grease Trap & Plumbing Products

Cleaning and Maintenance products for Drains & Sewers, Manholes, Lift Stations, Grease Digester & Enzymatic Bio Odour Control.

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