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SAM Reviews / Testimonials

As we grow, our promise to existing clients and new, is that we continue with the same zeal and excitement as when it all begun in 1998. This applies to the smallest shop all the way to the largest institution.

SAM Reviews, Testimonials
“Sam has supplied us with cleaning products for 24 years. He is a really kind person, always prompt and very helpful. His service is always excellent and I would recommend SAM for all your industrial cleaning product needs.”
M. Loft
“Sam has supplied Specialty Maintenance Products to our Department on a regular basis for many years now. He provides professional and courteous customer care and makes sure we have our products delivered promptly. He is a very kind and generous person who has supported our Department over the years as well. We are always happy to see Sam!”
Marie Picciuto


"Sam really helped us out when the pandemic began. It was nice to have a one stop shop for cleaning and disinfecting supplies. Always prompt and professional I would recommend Sam every time for your industrial cleaning needs."
Paul Lloyd


"Always very helpful in finding the right product for the job. Great service!!!"
Tina Sauve


"Customer service is unmatched. products work! saves time and $. residential and commercial. been with it for over 15yrs"
Jason Crowe


"Sam always takes care of us for our needs. He is always smiling and willing to help in any way possible. His product knowledge is top notch and so are his products."
Wesley Young


"We use Sam chemicals for all our Chemical needs. We have found the lubricants and the grease are superior to other brands. We only use Sam chemical cleaners in our wash Bay such as soap, and degreasers, and odor absorbing sprays. We also like to use bio-safe to keep the odor down in our catch basins. The truck drivers have found that the best grease to use on the trucks is black magic. It's the only grease that sticks to 5th wheels and to the rails of the roll of trucks."
Paul Flood


"If you're looking for a salesman who puts the customer first, Sam's your man. Sam has great products and is always prompt to get them to you; his service is excellent."
Sean Kraft