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About SAM, its Vision, Mission, and Values

24 years in the Maintenance Products Industry, SAM is your trusted source, in Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Chemical Specialty Products.

About SAM

SAM has a long history of innovation and growth. Starting out as a one man operation serving the automotive industry, Sam (the owner & founder) was quick enough to acknowledge the need to expand his product offerings.

In the following three years he slowly branched out to add two divisions: Industrial Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics Maintenance and Cleaners, Degreasers. This was a natural progression that allowed his existing clients: a) access to specialty products that are hard to find, b) the ability to formulate a product specific to real life needs. As a result, many products like DANSKIN and TOUGH WAYNE were named after the very same individuals that needed a customised solution.

Around 2004, SAM was already exploring opportunities in Hygiene and Sanitation cleaning and maintenance products. Since then, with customer feedback, research and development, and a controlled growth the company has become the go-to source for clients from municipalities, provincial and federal governments, institutions, as well as the commercial and industrial private sectors.

SAM's Vision
We see Hygiene, Sanitation, and Maintenance inter-connected with safety being the common denominator. Safety in the workplace, the public, and individually.
SAM's Mission
Our mission is to help you find the product you desire, save you money, and build a long lasting relationship with you.
SAM's Values
Accountability, Commitment, Constant Improvement, Courage, Diversity, Innovation, Integrity, Passion, Quality, Trust.

Why Choose Us

Customers like you are the backbone of our business. Selling you a supreme product is only the starting point. We take pride in servicing you and staying in touch to ensure you are well stocked and prepared for any anticipated issues. In addition, we have prepared a customer area on our website for instant access to SDS sheets.
Sam Chemical Specialties offers products of supreme quality so that you can get the job done when nothing else works. Tell us your issues and a qualified product technician will give you the right solution to address any problem you wish to tackle.
Our pricing structure is competitive, innovative, and sometimes compelling. We value you as a customer and we want your experience with us to be as pleasant as possible. Get in touch with your inquiry and one of our qualified professionals will visit you to assess needs and concerns.

Our values

  • Accountability: Reliable and Responsible so that our clients know to count on us.
  • Commitment: Strive to nurture long-term relationships with customers, team members, and suppliers.
  • Constant Improvement: Improve products, services, and interaction tools through continuous research.
  • Courage: Endure, overcome, and prevent unforeseen obstacles from directly impacting our clients.
  • Diversity: Offer solutions to different market segments.
  • Innovation: Customise solutions to particular client needs.
  • Integrity: Stay true to our word.
  • Passion: Passion that drives us to work hard and diligently in order to exceed clients' expectations.
  • Quality: Provide products and services that get the job done when nothing else works.
  • Trust: Our word is our bond.
SAM 24 Year Anniversary

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