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Bio-Safe for your Grease Trap Treatment
Concentrated Liquid Bacteria accelerates the degradation of organic waste in Drain and Sewer Line Applications.

Concentrated Liquid Bacteria Accelerates the Degradation of Organic Wastes in Drain and Sewer Line Applications.

This product is a liquid concentrate used as a drain additive. The active ingredient in BIO-SAFE is a heavy sludge digester. It cleans and controls odour in drain lines and sewer plant treatment. Eliminates grease and scum problems thgoughout pumping stations, sewer lines, septic systems, and waste disposal plants. BIO-SAFE contains a blend of selectively chosen Bacillus organisms which have been selected for accelerated degradation of organic wastes in sewer line applications. The bacteria have been selected for the degradationcapabilities of organic compunds such as grease, fats, proteins, starch, sugars and cellulose.

Adding bacteria into the sewer reduces organic buildup which can accumulate in systems where organic materials enter the sewer system. Continued treatment of the sewer lines will help eliminate clogs and slow drains.

BIO-SAFE is designed to dissolve grease and oils and prevent them from being directly discharged into the municipal sewer system. Adding organisms found in BIO-SAFE will help reduce the accumulation of FOG (fats, oils and grease) by digesting the materials, converting them in Carbon Dioxide and water. Reducing fats, oils and grease, controls odours and allows a facility to better comply with discharge regulations.

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