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Fleet maintenance products for fleet crews who value efficiency and results in their day-to-day operations. Products like the 5-in-1 Mechanic's Delight or Grease Buster, or products by function such as nut and bolt looseners, gasket makers/sealants/adhesives, anti-seize lubricants and much more.

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SAM's commercial and industrial strength products for all fleets. Ranging from city vehicles and equipment to public utility vehicles, school buses, trucking, car dealers and rentals, heavy machinery and equipment in construction and many other industries. Specialty products for: performance, prevention and reaction, easy and faster applications, time and cost savings. Products for Emergency & Road Assistance vehicles, city machinery (from snowplows to lawnmowers and Zambonis), and everything in between.

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For companies such auto-dealers, auto-detailers, garages, service stations, and car washes we have a wide variety of products. Some of them include: Tire and vinyl dressings, fabric fresheners, graffiti removers, spot removers, liquid and aerosol glass cleaners, wash wax.

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Specialty products for vehicle and machinery operators helping in efficiency, safety, interior and exterior cosmetics, and odour control.

Products like Citrus Magic, Syntef, or SPOT GONE. Products by function such as fabric fresheners, odour counteractants, and registered spray disinfectant.

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Maintenance and cleaning products for tools and equipment in areas like car, truck, bus, and wash bays, parts room, welding area, bridge crane, and hoists. 

Cleaning and maintenance products for washrooms, floors, kitchenette, walls, and other fixtures. From hand cleaners, to disinfectants, odour control, and dispensers.

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Current & Upcoming Feature Divisions

Fleet Maintenance & Auto - June 2022

Mechanics, Technicians, Shop Foremen, Operators, and fleet managers depend on SAM's innovative products for fleet optimization.

Janitorial & Housekeeping - July 2022

With an intimate understanding of the daily challenges you are facing at work, we vow to help. Help is on the way with versatile, functional, maintenance and cleaning products to give you the break you deserve.

SAM 24 Year Anniversary

SAM is built on relationships based on integrity, quality products, and unparalleled service. Whether inquiring about
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