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Air Tool Cleaner and Lubricant
Air Duster Tool Spray (Non-Flammable)
Anti-Seize Compound - Brush Top
Bio Degradable Cleaner Degreaser
Contact Cleaner - Non Flammable
Cleaner Degreaser Spray
Foaming Skin Protector
Mild Hand Cleaner with Pumice
4 Way Penetrating Lubricant
High Performance Safety Solvent
RTV SILICONE - Gasket Maker, Sealant, & Adhesive
RTV SILICONE - Gasket Maker, Sealant, & Adhesive
RTV SILICONE - Gasket Maker, Sealant, & Adhesive
Ultimate "Grease in a Can"

Anti-Seize Lubricant
Extreme temperature and pressure lubricant and sealant. Sprays as a liquid, sets up as a grease. Plates, protects, and prevents metal surfaces from seizing at temperatures up to 2100°F (1150°C). Reduces friction and wear. Water resistant. Provides for tighter, firmer threaded joints that open easier. Contains copper for superior heat dispersion. Excellent for all industrial maintenance and repair jobs. For use in refineries, power plants, chemical plants, and mining operations.
Product ID: SA-0104
Quantity: SP/CS12

Battery Terminal Cleaner & Protector
Neutralizing cleaner with an acid-alkali indicator. Removes corrosive build-up on battery terminal posts, cables, and clamps. Non-tacky, flexible coating that provides long-term corrosion protection for battery terminal posts, housings, cables ends, and supports. Curtails leakage and extends battery life. Provides superior acid-alkali resistance. Protects batteries in storage or in use. Helps increase power output and extend battery life. Leaves a short-term residual protective film on cleaned surfaces.
Product ID: SA-0107
Quantity: SP/CS12

Black Moly Grease
Excellent film-forming grease over a wide temperature range with the presence of Molybdenum Disulfide. Grease offers excellent shock and heavy load capacity along with outstanding adhesion and cohesion properties.
Product ID: SA-0112
Quantity: CTG/CS10

Blue Tacky
A superior high-temperature, high-pressure grease with excellent tackifier adhesion to allow to all contact surfaces to reduce wear and heat formation.
Product ID: SA-0113
Quantity: CTG/CS10

Adhesive Spray - General Purpose
Pressure sensitive, high solids adhesive providing both temporary and permanent bonds. Utilizes a webbing type spray pattern that is water white. Does not contain Methylene Chloride. Adheres to metals, laminates, fiberboard, plywood, and glass. Used for HVAC insulation, asbestos abatement, automotive, cabinetry, and signage.
Product ID: SA-0114
Quantity: SP/CS12

Chain & Cable Lubricant - Foaming
Foaming rust protective lubricant that penetrates to the core of cable and chain. Provides superior friction reduction and wear resistance. Thick formula base with tackifier to help prevent throw-off and weather wash-out. Fortified with Molybdenum Disulfide to withstand extreme temperature and pressure. Excellent salt spray resistance. Extends cable life.
Product ID: SA-0118
Quantity: SP/CS12

Cutting & Tapping Fluid
Clear, synthetic coolant and lubricant designed to disperse heat and extend tool life. Convenient aerosol is handy for field operations. Works on exotic metals. Non irritating to the skin. Transparent fluid provides clear view of work area. Includes extension tubes for easier application to remote areas.
Product ID: SA-0125
Quantity: SP/CS12

Dry Moly Lubricant
Extreme condition, dry, friction reducing lubricant and anti-seize coating. Withstands high temperatures and extreme pressures. Provides a dry film lubricant especially suited for use in dirty or dusty atmospheres. Burnishes into metal to provide long term lubrication and protection. Inert to water, oil, alkalis, and acids. Contains no methylene chloride.
Product ID: SA-0128
Quantity: SP/CS12

Dry Graphite Lubricant
A fast drying lubricant that forms a thin, black film imparting excellent anti-friction and anti-seizure properties to surfaces. Provides even dispersion of graphite film. Effective over a broad temperature range (-100°F - 850°F). Performs under extreme pressure. Does not contain oil or moisture based dilutants. Inert to oils, water and alkalis. Minimizes dust and dirt pick-up.
Product ID: SA-0129
Quantity: SP/CS6

Electronic Parts Chiller
Moisture free, high purity, nonflammable, freezing agent for electronic testing and shrink fitting applications. Useful for freeze testing to help spot faulty electronic circuit parts. Odorless, high pressure spray leaves no residue.
Product ID: SA-0144
Quantity: SP/CS12

Gasket & Decal Remover
Fast acting solvent that softens adhesives for easy removal of gaskets and decals. Eliminates need for scrapping, grinding, sandblasting, or filing. Gel clings to vertical surfaces. Aids in the removal of cork, composite, graphite, felt, and metal gaskets. Super powerful blistering action saves time on any gasket repair job.
Product ID: SA-0145
Quantity: SP/CS12

Aero Tool Silicone Spray - Super Dry
Pure, non-staining, rapid drying, heavy duty, multi-purpose silicone lubricant. Safe for use on almost any surface. Reduces friction and annoying squeaks in hinges, latches, springs, gears, and other mechanisms. The high silicone content formula is excellent for use to prevent corrosion on metal. Will reduce friction and wear, quiet moving parts, and detail, dress, and protect rubber, vinyl, and plastic surfaces. Provides a water and weather resistant barrier that protects surfaces from corrosion and wear. This aerosol silicone is one of the most versatile, high-performance, multi- purpose products. Formulated with no chlorinated solvents or ozone depleters Premium dry silicone performance. Heat stable from -40°F to 450°F.
Product ID: SA-0149
Quantity: SP/CS12

Cleaner Degreaser - Liquid Based Formula
Concentrated environmental liquid engine degreaser. Emulsifies grease and oil and it rinses easily.
Product ID: SA-0152
Quantity: 20L/PL

Coil Cleaner - Foaming - Non Rinsing Formula
Portable, non-acid, foam cleaner that blasts deep into air conditioner, heater, refrigeration, and dryer coils to loosen and remove grease, dirt, lint, and grime. Contains bio-enzymes for continuous cleaning and breakdown of organic coil
Product ID: SA-0159
Quantity: SP/CS12

Loosener for Nuts & Bolts
Nonflammable, penetrating spray that cuts through rust and corrosion to loosen frozen nuts and bolts. Leaves a never-dry residual film that lubricates and prevents further rust. Regular use helps assure free and easy movement of mechanical parts. Helps cut time on any maintenance or repair job.
Product ID: SA-0163
Quantity: SP/CS12

4 Way De-moisturizing Lubricant
Lubricates, penetrates, prevents corrosion. Non flammable.
Product ID: SA-0166
Quantity: SP/CS12

Borax Powder Hand Cleaner
A mild borax powder that is tough on dirt yet gentle on skin; fast removal of grease and soil.
Product ID: SA-0183
Quantity: PD/12KG/CS12

Computer Cabinet & Screen Care
Light foam spray that cleans and protects all hard office surfaces. Treats plastic, vinyl, and painted surfaces with a beautiful, anti-static, glossy silicone film. Great for desks, chairs, filing cabinets, and computer and printer housings. Repels dirt, grease, and body oil. Restores color and luster to faded articles. Anti-static cleaner and coating that safely removes fingerprints and smudges from computer display screens. Leaves the surface treated with an invisible dust- repellent film. Contains an optical ingredient that fills in minute scratches eliminating surface distortion while reducing eye
Product ID: SA-0186
Quantity: SP/CS12

Red No-Melt Grease
High Temperature grease technology which provides exceptional service in a wide range of temperatures when other greases break down. No run-off, no spatter, and non-melting. Red colour provides high visibility.
Product ID: SA-0191
Quantity: CTG/CS10

Rust Converter
One step rust converter and corrosion neutralizing spray. Chemically neutralizes rust on metal surfaces. Converts rust to a tough, black, long-term protective coating. Prolongs the life of any ferrous metal. Once cured, product can be painted over.
Product ID: SA-0197
Quantity: SP/CS12

Pressure Spray Truck Wash
Heavy duty liquid vehicle wash. Very effective in removing heavy soils, grease and road films from surfaces of trucks, trailers and buses.
Product ID: SA-0213
Quantity: 16L/CS4 | 20L/PL

RTV SILICONE - Gasket Maker, Sealant, & Adhesive
RTV Silicone (room temperature vulcanization silicone). For use on metal, glass, porcelain, ceramics, wood, rubber, and most paint and plastics. As an instant gasket maker, this product replaces a wide range of cork, paper, asbestos, felt, and metal gaskets. This product has excellent adhesion characteristics, high chemical resistance, and will not sag
Product ID: SA-0218
Quantity: SP/CS6

RTV SILICONE - Gasket Maker, Sealant, & Adhesive
RTV Silicone (room temperature vulcanization silicone). For use on metal, glass, porcelain, ceramics, wood, rubber, and most paint and plastics. As an instant gasket maker, this product replaces a wide range of cork, paper, asbestos, felt, and metal gaskets. This product has excellent adhesion characteristics, high chemical resistance, and will not sag
Product ID: SA-0219
Quantity: SP/CS6

Versatile Industrial Cleaner Degreaser
A powerful, fast acting and versatile industrial cleaner concentrate that removes and emulsifies dirt and grease.
Product ID: SA-0233
Quantity: 16L/CS4 | 20L/PL

Waterless Hand Cleaner
Portable aerosol that dispenses a sanitary foam hand cleaner. Removes dirt, ink, paint, grease, carbon, and more from hands and skin without the need for water. Intensified with Lanolin and Aloe Vera to soothe and restore moisture to dried out skin. Pleasant fragrance.
Product ID: SA-0236
Quantity: SP/CS6

Food Grade Grease ET-2
Fully approved food machinery grease, fortified with additives to give high temperature performance and load-carrying ability.
Product ID: SA-0238
Quantity: CTG/CS10

Lithium Grease
A high quality lithium grease, non chlorinated. High viscocity, high temperature grease specially formulated for the packaging industries, resistant to water, salt spray and detergent, prevents rust, corrosion. Includes extension tubes for precision work (non chlorinated).
Product ID: SA-0239
Quantity: SP/CS12

Wire & Cable Pull Lubricant
A new technology wire and cable pulling lubricant. A lubricant to aid in the pulling of electrical wires through metal or plastic conduit. Easily applied - no mess - will not damage cable coverings.
Product ID: SA-0241
Quantity: SP/CS12


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