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Carpet & Room Deodorizer Powder
Spot Remover

Fast drying, Clear Concrete Sealer
A concrete sealer providing a smooth durable surface. A new water clear solvent combination makes concrete floors resistant to sunlight and will not yellow. Grease and oil resistant. Very fast drying, 11-12% base. Prevents concrete dusting.
Product ID: SA-0124
Quantity: 20L/PL

Anti Foam Emulsion
Will control foam in all types of aqueous systems. Silicone anti foam controls undesirable foam for industrial processes, cooling towers, eliminates foam traps, prevents damage to equipment. Effective, economical, non-toxic.
Product ID: SA-0132
Quantity: 16L/CS4 | 20L/PL

High Gloss Floor Finish
High Gloss and high solids floor finish that is designed to give superior protection to floors. Stands up to black marks and scuffs while retaining durability and very high gloss finish. Made for the professional who needs a versatile product for all types of flooring. Suitable for all types of resilient flooring including cork, sealed wood, terrazzo, and cement floors.
Product ID: SA-0141
Quantity: 16L/CS4 | 20L/PL

Concentrated Odour Eliminator
A concentrated neutralizer that eliminates smoke, urine, musty and mildew odours. Ideal for lockers, changing rooms, and places where offensive odours are present. Use on carpets, upholstery, laundry, garbage bins, etc. Super concentrated with a pleasant scent.
Product ID: SA-0177
Quantity: 16L/CS4 | 20L/PL

Concentrated Extractor Shampoo
A highly concentrated low foaming carpet shampoo, formulated with powerful detergents that quickly and efficiently remove all types of soils and stains. Designed primarily for professional carpet cleaners. Contains Optical Brighteners for superior cleaning power. Very fast drying.
Product ID: SA-0192
Quantity: 16L/CS4

Salt Neutralizer & Winter Floor Maintainer
Liquid-based, formulated to remove salt stains & white residue from all types of floors, carpets, and mats. This is a truly effective cleaner during the winter season.
Product ID: SA-0200
Quantity: 16L/CS4

Liquid Dry-Foam Shampoo
A fantastic new product formulated to lift dirt and grime from carpets. This unique formula is a liquid dry-foam shampoo. The residue dries to a very fine white powder which can be vacuumed up. The Optical Brighteners enhance the superior cleaning power. Fast drying.
Product ID: SA-0207
Quantity: 16L/CS4 | 20L/PL

Concentrated Wax Stripper
Unique blend of fast acting emulsifier that penetrates and dissolves floor finishes. Strip All Sms can penetrate multiple layers of finishes and sealers. Effective in all types of water based finishes and sealers. May be applied with a mop or floor machine.
Product ID: SA-0217
Quantity: 16L/CS4 | 20L/PL

Pre-Spotter Carpet Protector & Dirt Loosener
Unique inverted spray solvent spotter that removes water and oil-based spots and stains from carpet and upholstery. Eliminates the need for rubbing and scrubbing. Leaves no visible residue. Will not harm carpet backing or upholstery foam. Neutralizes odors caused by stains. Excellent pre-spotter prior to carpet extraction.
Product ID: SA-0226
Quantity: 20L/PL


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